Who to contact:

Department Leadership

Department Head: Dr. Piper Gaubatz
Associate Head for Curriculum: Dr. Steve Petsch
Associate Head for Finance and Administration: Dr. Forrest Bowlick
Associate Head for Professional Development: Dr. Michele Cooke

Undergraduate Advisors for Department Majors:

Geography Major Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Toby Applegate
Geology and Earth Systems Majors Advisor: Dr. Steve Petsch
Environmental Science Major Coordinator for the Department of Geosciences: Dr. David Boutt

Graduate Program Directors for EGCS:

Geography Graduate Program Directors: Dr. Qian Yu and Dr. Eve Vogel
Geosciences Graduate Program Director: Dr. Julie Brigham-Grette
 MS Geography-GIST Concentration Graduate Program Director: Dr. Forrest Bowlick
1-year MS Geosciences-Hydrogeology Concentration: Dr. David Boutt

Academic Program Coordinators

Geography Program Coordinator: Dr. Eve Vogel
Geosciences, Geology, and Earth Systems Program Coordinator:

Environmental Science Program Coordinators: Dr. David Boutt and Dr. Marco Keiluweit (Stockbridge School of Agriculture)

Human Resources 

geohr@umass.edu Human Resources tasks and questions about post-docs, ad comp, IPO related issues for foreign graduate students and post-docs, and personnel actions. 

Hiring & Appointments

geohr@umass.edu Graduate TA & RA student appointments and hiring undergraduate students’ actions.


geotime@umass.edu Payroll for all department hourly employees’ questions. Time and Attendance Reporting. 


geotravel@umass.edu All travel questions concerning and documents for travel reimbursement should be accompanied with information about the travel: who, when where; copies of receipts; funding source, including Speed Type#.  Submit all reimbursement paperwork electronically.      

UMass bank card (formerly ProCard)

geoprocard@umass.edu UMASS bankcard scanned receipts and reallocations documents.   Reimbursement requests should be accompanied information about the expense: who, when, where; copies of receipts; funding source, including Speed Type #.  Submit all reimbursement paperwork electronically.       


geoacctg@umass.edu Purchase orders, invoice/bill payments other reimbursement and reallocations (excluding Travel and UMASS bank card reimbursement). Submit all reimbursement paperwork electronically.

Department IT support


Webpage and Social Media

For all department webpage and social media requests please e-mail Joe Kopera, department digital communications coordinator.